Working among children for the past 15 years around different parts of the world made Arunangshu realize the need to introduce & expose them to the world of rhythm .This generation has inherent quality of internalizing rhythm and giving it an expression which is unheard of.

This project aims at celebrating the confluence of youth and rhythm. This is an endeavor to educate these young talented children to the rhythmic intricacies of different parts of the world.
Music in Education
Apart from taking classes at his centre [DELHI SCHOOL OF PERCUSSION] Arunangshu came up with "Music in Education Programme" about five years back. Under this programme he visits personally with his very experienced trainers [Team SOP] to groom the students in different school premises. It is a great pride in informing that various prestigious schools like MODERN SCHOOL, New Delhi, DOON SCHOOL, Dehradoon, SAWAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, NIRMAL BHARTIA SCHOOL, New Delhi, RAMKRISHNA MISSION, Rahara, Kolkata, DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, New Delhi and many more have been a part of this programme.
Different aspects of Indian rhythm system.
  • Taal concept
  • Cycle of rhythm
  • Micro beats in taal system[ different Jati]

Appreciation of different style of rhythm.
  • Folk and Classical style
  • North Indian and South Indian rhythm system.
  • World Percussion rhythm system and Indian rhythm.
  • Persian rhythm and African polyrhythm system.

Understanding rhythm as an expression of mind.
  • Improvisation of bols [ Upaj]
  • Pure Classical rhythm
  • Fusion rhythm format
  • Polyrhythm pattern
  • Lounge percussion music.
  • Free and fluid rhythm structure.
  • Rhythm as a performing art

Music making session with Tabla, Conga, Djembe, Doumbek and Handsonic to explore their compositional skill with the feel of acoustic and digital music practically.

  • Stage presence and act norms .
  • Making composition with easy rhythm groove.
  • Community feel of forming percussion band.
  • Affinity to experiment with natural sound and rhythm [oral stroke,body rhythm,hand claps,] .
  • Group training of the elementary lesions of world percussion rhythm practically.
  • Stage performance the children along with the resource person.

Live Show Projects for the schools

  1. Founder's Day Celebration
  2. Independance day Celebration
  3. House Functions
  4. Sports day Musical Drill.
  5. Teacher's Workshop [Music and Dance]
  6. Inter School Music Competition [ Host].
  7. College Fresher's Welcome Programme.
  8. Musical talk show with Celebrities.

  • School Theme Song
    [Pre-recorded karaoke track of the original lyrics and tune of specific school]

  • Theme based Musical Orchestra.
    [eg.Based on the script like Paradise Lost, Shyama,World Peace,Global Spirit etc]

  • Instrumental Orchestra [ Based on fusion music]
    [ About 50 to 100 participants ]

  • Percussion Orchestra in the open field [Sports ground]
    [More than 200 participants can be accommodated]

  • Live Instrumental music for the ballet or Indian Dance.

  • Pre-recorded music for the Dance Drama.
    [studio recording with the professional musicians.]

  • Self composed instrumental Orchestea.[ Based on Indian Ragas]

  • Individual and group performance in different programmes
    [According to the stage capacity]

  • Patriotic Orchestration with Indian and Western Symphony Choir.


A very well trained faculty[ under the able guidance of Arunangshu] work extremely hard to train the students and to produce a large scale production on the show day mentioned by the school.

A group of experienced and efficient sound,light crew prefer to take one or two run through one day before the final show.