Record Level: Vivid Sound, Anhad Studio, Nupur Audio, Sony Music, NMI,
Music Genre : World Fusion, New Age Percussive Rock.
Released: June 26, 2015.
Recorded: April-May 2014.
Studio Melody, New Delhi, India.
Genre: Intra-genre Fusion.
Length: 45:26
Label: Anhad Records.
Producer: ASAD.
The Afro-inspired rhythms to the subtle nuances of Indian Classical music,sometimes rising to a high-voltage crescendo and at others dipping to an almost in-audible acoustic whisper.The sound of this album is vibrant & universal.
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Rang Rhythmatrix is a new musical experience that is reflected to an array of percussion instruments against the background of global vibrancy. It is hypothetical metamorphosis of the expression of various emotions of different colors through music.
Song 1      Song 2      Song 3
IBTEDA is Arunangshu's hugely successful project as a composer, showcases the fertile imagination of this brilliant artist.

The music of IBTEDA like the wider cultural ethos of the subcontinent is all about assimilation, renovation and confluence of diverse influences. Its beauty and grace goes far beyond the narrow aspects of the particular culture of spiritual faith.
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with Japanese Musicians by Vivid Sound
with Yoshida Daikiti, by Music Robita
with Ustad Shujat Hussain Khan by Sony Music.
with Swaek Kulpwitz and Cristoper by Poland Radio.
Live Jam
with Damiana Terry and Yoshida Daikiti.
New Raga Acoustic
with Yoshida Daikiti.
Planet Drums
with Indian percussionists.
with Sufi Musicians